The Changing Face of the Office Environment

We can support your business through the lock-down and beyond, new ways of working and what measure are needed when coming out of lock-down

The global market has dramatically been affected by the impact of COVID-19. This sudden change to our normal ways of working have created some unique opportunities, which have benefited the workforce and proven to employers that working from home and connecting with the world via technology platforms to be both viable and more cost efficient. This increased confidence has changed our views on the way we work and the need for traditional office space.

So what does this all mean for us? For a start, it provides business with the opportunity to review their use of space, the amount of space needed and the levels of services they should consider when planning a new office environment, or restructuring their current office. The opportunity to reduce overheads and capital spend should be high on the agenda of every organisation and we can help you realise the gains

through the implementation of the government guidelines on social distancing in the workplace, coupled with intelligent space planning to meet the immediate change requirements needed to allow your business to re-engage with the world.

The “New” normal will be a process that evolves and develops based on each business, their specific market and position in the commercial sector, along with the specific requirements of their workforce.

Not all employees will be comfortable with returning to the workplace. A responsible employer must address any concern or anxiety employees may feel with returning to work .

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The Hybrid Process

A split workforce working on a rotation basis two weeks in the office and then two weeks working from home.

Lots of organisations are finding new hybrid ways of introducing their team back into the workplace, including options such as:

Others have applied a staff rotation system working a four day week with the Friday set-aside for a deep clean for the return of the second rotation the following Monday.

Others have supported their staff with setting up a functional homeworking space for those that can work from home.

So what are the steps you should be considering to bring your staff back to the workplace:

Stage 1

Fit for Purpose

An initial practical approach to the current use of the space should be considered, this is achieved through our initial space plan review and implementation of:

Social distancing measures

New social awareness signage, designed to encourage safe working, social distancing

Workspace segregation through the use of screening and the re-design of the office layout

New process, new policy created to reinforce safe working practice

Stage 2

The evolution of the office

New technology, advanced AV systems and communication platforms

Agile working and new furniture solutions to support this transition

Homebased working, rebooted with advanced technology and a homeworking office furniture solution pack

Stage 3

Future proofing

The aforementioned new ways of working will mean businesses will need less space a smaller footprint leading to efficiency savings across the business.

Outsourcing your office requirements to a third-party provider such as WeWork, Spaces, Regus or you may find you only need a small satellite office, through the implementation of change management and new ways of working.

If your lease break is imminent, we can design your space to make the most of the opportunities a changed landscape bring with it.

Our team is geared to support your business with these changes to the working environment. We can offer you he support you need to ensure compliance, safety and ways to future proof your business with the required resilience needed to respond to impact COVID-19 has had on your industry.

Our team is geared to assist your business with these changes to the working environment. We can provide the support you need to ensure compliance, safety and disciplines to future proof your business with the required resilience to counter the impact COVID-19 has had on your working environment.

Call our Business Development team now. We are here to help you bring your office back into play!